Lorna Vanparys

Snippets In Moontime

Two Gold Squares Six Gold Stars (six paintings) Many Bad Paintings Quartiers des Lunes Snippets #2 Snippets #1 Snippets #3 Moon Flare (diptyc Zygote Dark Night Moon Dust Rouge

Bushwick Series #2

Eat More Fat Magritte in Bushwick Le Flirt Peut-être 10021 Hidden Fruit La Danse #2 Lola The Big Apple Le Magicien

Bushwick Series #1

Unwanted Humans L'Allumeuse On The Way The Apple La Dance Bushwick, Painter and Model Five Faces Three Cherries The Apple Party Auto-Portrait On The Way #02 The Roses


Genèse Alone With You L'Amante La Fête One Together Bound La Folie Eyes On You Red Stripes Bushwick Folie Rencontre


Frenchfire Age Gladiator The Dancer. Hommage to J.L. Révolta La voile


Moon Time (triptych) Le Couple The Unknown Pointe Rouge Space Full Moon in Town L'aube' JF promenade Champagne A la folie Three Gold Squares Phases de la Lune Full Moon The Cubes The view Red Oval Silver Eclipse Moonshine Midnight Sun Les Astres n°1 Les Astres n°2 Les Astres n°3 Les Astres n°4 Les Astres n°5 Les Astres n°6 Les Astres n°7 Les Astres n°8 Les Astres n°9 Les Astres n°10 Wane Rayon


The Balloon Hidden Face The Woman The Shadow The Other The Mask Twins Maternity Mille Plateaux Sourate 34-4 #1 Sourate 34-4 #2 The Path

red and black

Precarious Balance #1 The Departure The Mirror Red and Black Moving On Precarious Balance #2 The Black Bird Curious The Touch The Flight (triptych) Self


L’?omme I L’?omme II L’?omme III L’?omme IV L’?omme V L’?omme VI L’?omme VII   L’?omme VIII (diptych) L’?omme X L’?omme IX L’?omme XI Obsession Do Dark side Deux filles En ville En ville #2 The Raven Benoit’s Object Solitary

early work

The Searchers Liberty in Afghanistan Eternity Roots September 11th Hands Man with 3 apples Four Faces Portrait of Françoise L’aube des Femmes Three Heads Piper Portrait of Gilles Vanitas Vue de l’atelier de Bruxelles Study in White La Vie est Éphémère Ignorance Bassin Egality Woman #4 Le Cri Hindu in Afghanistan Waiting L’Apprentie